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Mezzanine Level

Be it a small private gathering, a family get-together, birthday parties or your pre-wedding celebrations like mehendi or youngsters we have the perfect space for you!


Overlooking the ground floor and the flamboyant bar is the mezzanine level. It’s perfect for seating up to 50. With comfortable couches and cosy lighting this is one of our favourite spaces for small gatherings!


Dank Premier Lounge

The Dank premier lounge is the perfect cozy space for up to 20 seating. The exclusive access door ensures absolute privacy for your parties yet you can enjoy the view of the floor from your balcony seating

First Floor 

The first floor with its colossal space is ideal for larger gatherings. With seating for up to 120 people, it is your ideal space for wedding celebrations, audio/movie pre-launch celebrations, and office parties. The floor has a private DJ console, a bar as well as a pool table. The open seating where the buffet spread can be laid out also doubles up as a smoking area.